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If we are out-of-network with your insurance provider, we can still provide you services. We would be happy to submit a Superbill to your insurance after sessions. Most insurances will provide all or partial reimbursement directly to you for counseling.

What's a Superbill -

A superbill is a one-page document that we create after your session. It will include the date and time of the session, the cost that you paid, and a diagnosis. This can be submitted to your insurance company potential reimbursement to you. The insurance company's decision to reimburse is based on their out of network rates. Each plan is different. It will also take into account whether you have met your deductible. Most are willing to pay 50% -80% of their out-of-network rate. (That means if they pay out-of-network counseling a lower fee than ours, they will reimburse you based on that fee).

You can be proactive and call your insurance company and ask about out-of-network benefits for counseling.

How does this all work -

When you attend sessions with us, we expect payment in full at the time of the session. We request that you provide a card on file that will bill. We don't have access to the card information, once you input it, it is encrypted in our electronic health system billing portal.

If you choose to seek reimbursement, we will create a superbill for each session and submit them bi-weekly to your insurance company. Many places leave this obligation to you, but we feel it can be confusing and burdensome and are happy to submit the billing for you.

Your insurance company will submit any reimbursement directly to you.

We will have you complete and sign a release of information for your insurance company when you complete our admission paperwork. This is because your insurance company may request more information from us before determining if they will reimburse you. If you choose to seek reimbursement for sessions you pay for, be aware that your insurance can request all records they deem necessary. With your consent, we will provide records to your insurance company to assist in repayment to you.

Some of our clients prefer not to use insurance because they do not want insurance companies to base any future decisions on their treatment or diagnosis. We respect our clients right to privacy.

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