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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy incorporates mindfulness techniques such as meditation, breathing, and present moment awareness with cognitive therapy. It can be very beneficial to learn the skills of mindfulness when addressing substance use relapse prevention, anxiety, depression, or general emotional distress.

What to Expect -

Although skills can be beneficial for everyone, the practice of mindfulness is a personal journey. We may teach you some different techniques that are useful for some, but not for others. Your therapy session is to benefit you.. If the suggestions made or the practice taught doesn’t benefit you, or feels uncomfortable, we will discontinue it or adjust it to your preference. You are never expected to participate in anything that you don’t want to.

Goals -

Achieve control over disruptive emotional reactions

Develop a practice that can assist in regulating mood throughout the day

Learn skills to use when emotional triggers occur

Our Training and Experience -

We have worked for many years in the field of substance use disorders and used Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as a core part of our group therapy program. We have continued to use these valuable skills to assist in emotional regulation, grief work, depression and anxiety, and bi-polar disorder with individuals.

We use meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga in our own lives to achieve a sense of balance and serenity regardless of what is happening in the world. We have found that using these skills with clients has enriched their lives and allowed them to gain more control over their emotional states.

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