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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Trauma Counseling; Grief Counseling; Life Transitions

Brave Path

The path to recovery begins with the first step....

At Brave Path Counseling, PLLC, we believe that everyone has the power to change, and the desire to live their lives fully.  It's our mission & our privilege to guide you toward the life that you want.  

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, restlessness... if you have trouble setting boundaries or connecting with others.... if you struggle with fear or anger.  You may have determined life is just that way.  But we know you can have a life free from those struggles where you can be your best and enjoy every day.  

If you want to see what's possible for your life, call, email, or book a call to discuss your options! 

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The Journey Towards Health

Begins on the Path of Self Love.                                                Begin Your journey Today.

We offer in-person sessions and online sessions for your convenience. 

We make scheduling and payment easy through our online portal.  You simply fill out all confidential paperwork online.  

We accept self-pay, we accept some insurance.  

If we do not accept your insurance, we can assist in submitting a "superbill" for reimbursement.  

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